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Inspired by the Word of God

Since I was a kid, I have always believed in Justice and the Rule of Law.

As a Christian, I also believe there is a moral law in addition to the civil law. I have learned that often people think that all Personal Injury attorneys are “Ambulance Chasers”. But I believe there are many good, honest, and hard-working Personal Injury attorneys that are actually out to help the underdog and not just for their own pocket.

As such, my mission is to support those christian attorneys that actually give back to society and help their fellow man as opposed to sucking every last penny they can out of their opponent.

“I believe it is possible to be a good Personal Injury Attorney and a follower of Christ”

Cases Have Moral Implications

It’s not surprising to the American public, that most attorneys are willing to sell their soul for the almighty dollar. This includes representing the abortion industry, pornography, and anti-family lifestyles.

Little did I know, until recently,  that there were actual attorneys that took their faith seriously and who worked hard at trying to maintain a biblically responsible practice.

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Our Mission to Support Christian Attorneys

Robertson Marketing Solutions provides Biblically-based, compassionate service, and strives to elevate the legal profession to a more compassionate one.

Our Rallying Cry is “Christian Attorneys Matter!”

The Eight Beatitudes of Christian Attorneys

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