Who We Are & What We Believe

We are a christian-based legal marketing agency that only works with ethical and moral clients, who strive to actually help their clients and not just take their money. As such, we will NOT work with “Ambulance Chasers.” 

We believe that it is possible to be a successful attorney, while maintaining your values.

Our Goal is to “Elevate Attorney Compassion & Ethics!” Learn More Here

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The Robertson Marketing Solutions Difference

Our Secret Sauce for Legal Marketing

We know how hard it is to acquire high-quality clients on a consistent basis and how businesses are sometimes forced to work with less desirable clients in order to avoid the revenue rollercoaster. But when you invest in online marketing with targeted precision, you can hand pick which clients you prefer to work with. This not only reduces stress but turns your clients into fans because they can sense that you enjoy working with them.

Our Legal Attraction Method™ is different from anything else in the marketplace and is our “secret sauce” of how we accomplish our amazing services.

Legal Attraction Method™ Components

  • Precision Targeted Advertising
  • Micro-niche Custom Landing Pages
  • Education-based Call Tracking

And includes four phases, which are:

  1. The Discovery Phase, where we define, your Ideal Client
  2. The Launch Phase, where we build out your Marketing Funnel
  3. The Startup Phase, where we tweak and build Marketing Campaign Momentum
  4. The Management Phase, where we perform ongoing Marketing Funnel Management
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Who is the Market?

We specialize in working with Compassionate Personal Injury Attorneys who practice the following micro-niches…

  • Assault & Battery
  • Defamation: Libel of Character
  • Dog Bite
  • Slip & Fall
  • Vehicle Accidents

The Compassionate Legal Marketing Plan

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Inspection & Reflection

  • Your Vision for Your Practice

  • Your Current Situation

  • Any Obstacles You May Have

  • How to Close The Gap of Where You Are & Where You Want to Go

Opportunity For Growth

  • Your Online Diagnostic

  • Potential Revenue Loss

  • How We Can Help as Your Marketing Partner

  • Ongoing Expectations